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Competitive Loan Options for our Commercial Customers

Commercial Lines of Credit

An established funding amount for a business whereby funds can be drawn as needed.

  • Payment is made based on funds used rather than complete amount available
  • Credit is pre-authorized and does not need additional approval each time funds are drawn up to the limit of line
  • Finance short term working capital needs
  • Terms and availability are determined by the type of collateral, financial strength of business and other factors
  • Subject to credit approval

Commercial Loans

Loans of varying purposes made to businesses.

  • Funds available to improve cash flow management and business, and may be used for longer term needs when short term cash flow is sufficient
  • Terms of loans vary by collateral, type of business, financial strength of client and projected use of funds.

Commercial Construction and Development Loans

A business loan that is secured by an interest in either residential or real estate property.

  • Funding may include loans on vacant land, construction and development
  • Loan terms are customized for the intended use of the land being purchased.
  • Loan pricing based on financial strength of client, loan-to-value of the transaction, and the risk inherent in the project

Real Estate Loans

A business loan where funds are used to acquire, refinance or invest in real estate property.

  • Custom tailored loan programs for raw land, improved vacant land, and improved property
  • Loan is secured by a mortgage on the property
  • Government assisted programs are available
  • Financial strength of borrower, type of collateral, business history and other matters

Letters of Credit

A letter for the client's supplier to guarantee payment of credit.

  • Process resembles the loan approval process
  • Terms of the letter can be custom designed to meet both client and supplier needs
  • Provides low cost reserve and may avoid or defer the interest cost of financing trade purchases
  • Payment to supplier is guaranteed (subject to credit approval)

Meet Our Commercial Lenders

Bill Vogel

NMLS #894539

Executive Vice President / Chief Lending Officer

Ottawa Main Bank

Jim Blalock

NMLS #894543

Commercial Loan Officer

Morris National Bank and Trust

John Swanson

NMLS #894541

Commercial Loan Officer

Streator National Bank

John Armstrong

NMLS #1172831

Executive Vice President / Cashier

Ottawa Main Bank

Joe Knott

NMLS #1625926

Commercial Lender

Yorkville National Bank and Trust

Jeffery Main

Commercial Lender

Northern Bank and Trust – Maple Park