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The First National Bank of Ottawa. Morris National Bank and Trust. Streator National Bank. Yorkville National Bank and Trust. Over 150 Years of Putting Our Customers 1st.

We Are Community Banking...

We are committed to providing satisfied customers with competitive, quality financial products and services in a company culture emphasizing excellent service and timely responsiveness.

The First National Bank of Ottawa is proud to be a part of this community and the dreams and accomplishments of its people!

We thank you for your continued confidence. As we look forward to each new year, we will provide our customers with services and products responsive to their needs and aspirations.

Safe, Sound, Secure...
The First National Bank of Ottawa
Since 1865

Private Safety!
The Panic of 1893.
491 banks suspend operations.

The Depression of 1907.
Well over 400 banks go under.

The Great Depression of 1929.
9,765 banks close their doors.

The US Economic Crisis 2008 - 2009
Almost 500 banks failed to date

150th Birthday Celebration, June 1, 2015.
Putting our Customers first for 150 years!

Very few banks have survived three depressions, five wars and too many crises to count.

The First National Bank of Ottawa has! Since 1865...without closing its doors, without losing a depositor's penny.

As a member of FDIC, the First National Bank offers up to $250,000 worth of FDIC insurance for applicable accounts..

BUT...The First National Bank of Ottawa offers a record of private safety that goes far beyond.

Our Board of Directors

  • Bradley J. Armstrong
  • John L. Cantlin
  • Lynn M. Dubajic
  • Steven M. Gonzalo
  • Donald J. Harris, Chairman
  • Michael T. Reagan
  • Thomas P. Rooney, Vice Chairman and Lead Independent Director
  • William K. Walsh
  • Brian P. Zabel
  • Cheryl D. Gage, Corporate Secretary

Our Executive Officers

  • John T. Armstrong
  • Vincent G. Easi
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Steven M. Gonzalo
    Chief Executive Officer President
  • Joel Hambleton
    Chief Mortgage Loan Officer
  • Donald J. Harris
  • Kevin D. Steward
    Chief Trust Officer
  • William E. Vogel
    Chief Lending Officer