Farm Management and Agricultural Lending

Farm Management

The First National Bank of Ottawa will evaluate the financial status of our clients. With extensive experience in agricultural financial analysis as a basis. Consultation services can be provided for an entire farm operation, or a single enterprise.  Analysis includes:

  • Cash flow budgeting and analysis
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Operating and capital financing
  • Farm Service Agency Certified Lender*

Agriculture Loans

  • Short-term Operating Loans
  • Machinery and Equipment Loans
  • Farm Real Estate Loans

Farm Management Services

The First National Bank of Ottawa provides a full-array of farm management services. By becoming familiar with you, your farm, and expectations for the farm operation, The First National Bank of Ottawa can relieve you from the stress of farm management, while maximizing the use of your land. Farm services include:

  • Negotiation of lease agreements and discussing with you the leasing alternative and financial benefits
  • Consideration of optimum crop rotations, tillage practices and compliance with government regulations
  • Market commodities
  • Farm Inspection
  • Monitor participation and compliance with government programs
  • Work with chemical applicator to maintain required pesticide usage documents
  • Recommend and make sure appropriate measures for land use restrictions are implemented
  • Monitor program for soil testing and long term fertility improvement
  • Suggestions for improvement and maintenance of property
  • Keep farm owner up-to-date and informed of decisions

* Illinois Farm Development Authority / Approved Lender

Dana Snook

Farm Manager

(815) 434-0044 ext. 265